Vienna Helles

A light, balanced and easy drinking Helles style lager. Perfect on a warm day in the sunshine or for imagining a warm day in the sunshine. The Germans describe Helles as "the most delicate beer imaginable", we couldn't agree more. This delicacy is achieved over time, by creating and maintaining an environment for the yeast to do its thing. A long lagering time of at least 4 weeks, produces a crisp and clean beer with subtle hop balance and a malty aroma.

Colour:Light Amber (3/10)
Hop Rating: Light, balanced (2/10)
Grist:Low Colour Pale, Chateau CaraBlonde, Chateau Biscuit, Wheat Malt, Sauer Malt
Hops: Magnum, Halleratuer, Hersbrucker
Pair with:Pub food, grilled meat, chips, burgers, mild to sharp cheeses

Serving Directions:
Chill the bottle in the fridge before consuming.