Munich Dunkel

The dunkel or dark lager is the culmination of hundreds of years of German brewing study and technique, and in our opinion lager at its best. A mixture of classic lager malts and British colour malts, produces depth and a full flavour. The finish is crisp and clean thanks to the lager conditioning and at 4.1% this tasty thirst quencher is indeed what you might call crushable.

Colour:Red, Amber (4/10)
Hop Rating:Light, balanced (3/10)
Grist:Xtra Pale, Munich,Crystal 150, Cara Red
Hops: Magnum, Hersbrucker
Pair with:Roasted meat, Wurst, Schnitzel, Oompah bands, beer halls, Lederhosen

Serving Directions:
Chill the bottle in the fridge before consuming.