Chocolate Dunkelweizen

This effervescent dark unfiltered German wheat beer, is full flavored and complex. The dark colour and roasted notes complement the strong banana and cocoa aromas. The yeast adds character to the rich flavours and the effervescent finish unlocks the aroma.

Colour:Deep Chesnut Brown (8/10)
Hop Rating:Mild (2/10)
Grist:Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Chateau Melano, Chocolate Malt
Adjuncts:Cacao Nibs
Yeast: German Ale
Pair with:American BBQ, Fried Chicken, Veal or Pork Schnitzel, Mole, Mature cheese like gouda or parmesan

Serving Directions:
Chill the bottle in the fridge before consuming.