Colorado Pale IPA

Big, bold and full of hops. This Colorado interpretation of an IPA is made for the hop fanatics. A British grain bill of English pale malts balances the hop punch and is backed up by Munich and Vienna malts, along with a kiss of Château Melano. Whopping additions of Galena, Centennial, and Liberty hops translates to a monster hop flavour and aroma. If that was not already enough, this hooligan of a beer is dry hopped with a mixture of aromatic hops at a huge dose of 1kg per BBL.

Colour:Amber (3/10)
Hop Rating:Bold (8/10)
Grist:Pale Ale, Munich malt, Chateau Melano
Hops:Galena, Centennial, Liberty
Features:Dry hopped
Pair with:Spicy Food, Chicken Wings, Strong Cheeses

Serving Directions:
Chill the bottle in the fridge before consuming.