Hello, we are West by Three Brewing Co,

a micro-brewery in Wales brewing small batches of craft beer available in keg and sometimes cask. We brew a broad variety of styles using the finest ingredients and tasty Welsh water.

Always unfined, we won't add any unnecessary crap to our beer. Instead, we use a combination of time, temperature and, if appropriate, filtering to achieve the specific clarity for the style.

Our batches may be small but we have big dreams. If you are interested in knowing more we would love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

West by Three is the result of two friends and their love for good beer and brewing.

Hamish and Rich both grew up in Wales and have been passionate homebrewers for several years. Rich is still in the motherland while Hamish has settled in the USA.

The two met at school in Brecon when they were eleven years old and have been friends ever since. Distance has not stopped them from sharing recipes back and forth across the pond.

Their passion for beer and the inspiring new wave UK craft beer scene paired with a firsthand understanding of the formidable US craft brewing movement led them to dream of founding a brewery.

An ocean apart, they thought about the beginnings of their long friendship on the 3rd meridian west of Greenwich; here the West By Three Brewing Co. was born in January 2016.

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